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    byetta logo-pancreatic cancer-lawsuitHave Byetta Side Effects Made You or a Loved One a Victim to Pancreatic Cancer?

    Byetta (exenatide) has led to 6 deaths since its approval in 2005 with little to no warning from manufacturers about the potential for fatal side effects. 

    Experts at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices indicate that GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide) receptor agonists similar to Byetta elevate the risk of developing pancreatic cancer by 28 times by damaging the pancreas and altering reactions in the body that leave organs defenseless against cancerous cells. Similar research illustrates that this insulin boosting injection can double patient’s risk for cancer of the pancreas and increase the risk for thyroid cancer by almost 2.7 times that of patients taking other type-2 diabetes medications.

    These extreme reactions have led to dozens of hospitalizations, serious trauma, and even death. “I’ll blame his death on Byetta for the rest of my life,” says one woman whose husband had died after being treated with Byetta for years.

    Byetta Legal Action

    Because Amylin Pharmaceuticals continue to jeopardize patients by neglecting to sufficiently inform patients of Byetta, many victims seek legal action against the manufacturers. Cases claim that Amylin Pharmaceuticals failed to:

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