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Not Every Drug is a Bad Drug

Going back in time, people have sought out remedies that would alleviate pain, discomfort, and disease. From plants and foods to sunlight or cold or heat, there have been many “cures” presented through the ages. As we have come into more modern times, companies and individuals have continued to seek out cures and, thankfully, today many are found.

Each of us can be thankful for drugs we take for granted like penicillin or the polio vaccine. Each of these drugs has changed the lives of nearly everyone on the planet. But, any drug when taken incorrectly can do harm. A common drug, acetaminophen was lauded when it first came on the market as another anti fever, anti pain drug. The beauty of it was that for those who did not tolerate aspirin well, acetaminophen was better tolerated. But, it is also one of the most dangerous drugs around when taken in excess. It can and does cause severe liver damage. Today, there are cautions on many cold preparations so that people understand there is acetaminophen in the drug and not to combine it with more. But, acetaminophen in and of itself is not a Bad Drug.

This site is informational and does not draw a conclusion as to what is or is not a bad drug. Bad Drug provides side effect and other information on as many drugs as possible to allow those who take these drugs a forum to review or question the drugs or the effects of the drugs.  Obviously, a drug that is reported by the FDA to be causing people problems or is listed as recalled by the FDA is likely not good for many people and all need to be made aware. But, even some of these drugs will still be beneficial to a specific group of people. So, ultimately, what is or is not a bad drug is up to those who are taking them and those who regulate them. Hopefully, this site will help point out what to be aware of while providing an initial place to tell others of a bad experience with any drug.