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Easy Bruising

What is Easy Bruising?

Easy bruising, medically known as a contusion, is a common side effect produced by several drugs and health conditions. Bruising occurs when blood is released from damaged blood vessels under the surface of the skin or capillaries, causing discoloration, darkness of the skin and sensitivity. This increased susceptibility to bruising may be associated with:

  • aging
  • blood disorders including a low platelet level or coagulation problems caused by hemophilia A or B, hemmorrhagic disease in newborns, insufficient levels of vitamin K, Von Willebrand disease (vWD) and inflammation of the bowel
  • serious medical conditions such as bone marrow cancer or infection, liver disease, and a lack of folate or vitamin B12 in the blood stream

Using blood-thinners, corticosteroids (steroids), chemotherapy drugs, and particular supplements may also cause abnormal or easy bruising.

How is Easy Bruising Treated?putting ice on a bruise

Bruising may be treated in several ways. At the onset of a bruise, putting ice on the area may prevent spread of the bruise or further pain. Bruises should be elevated above the heart level while applying pressure to limit the amount of blood flowing to the area.

Doctors may prescribe doses of acetaminophen to help reduce pain related to the bleeding.