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Stomach Ache/Pain

stomach painWhat is stomach pain?

Stomach pain is a condition in which the person feels sharp aches in the upper stomach area. It is also known as abdominal pain. Stomach pain is usually associated with more serious conditions due to how painful it usually is compared to other common side effects, but it is not always severe. Often it does not lead to more serious conditions,  but should never be ignored.

What causes stomach pain?

Stomach pain is mostly caused by things that are ingested and that cause some damage (whether minor or major) to your stomach. the main difference in the causes between this and nausea is that nausea is something in your stomach that your body wants out, whereas stomach pain is when you have something in your stomach that is causing your nerves to report damage (that does not mean that there is damage, the nerves just perceive it that way).


Buscopan is a medicine that has been known to work when treating stomach pain. But mainly it is treated by fixing the cause. If it is severe, then it will most likely require surgery, but often just fades after a while.