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Focalin Side Effects


Serious side effects of Focalin

  • Dangerous heart conditions, such as elevated blood pressure or heart rate, stroke, and heart attack which may cause difficulty breathing, unexplained chest pain, and fainting.
  • Death in patients with preexisting heart conditions.
  • Worsening behavioral or mental problems, which can cause aggression, hostility, and suicidal thoughts.
  • Unusual feelings of suspicion, believing untrue things, hallucinations, and hearing voices may be signs of new or worsened psychotic conditions.
  • Inhibited growth in child patients.
  • Seizures, especially in patients with a prior history of this condition.
  • Eye problems, such as vision changes or impairment.

Common side effects of Focalin

  • Most patients report side effects such as headaches, mild stomach issues, or lack of appetite.
  • Focalin may also increase feelings of anxiety or nervousness, and has been known to cause difficulty sleeping.
  • janis joplin

    i have been on focalin for 2 weeks now – I think I’m going to like it – once we get my dosage where it needs to be – but…my question is this…above states to take all in one single morning dosage – I am taking mine 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon….would be better – or even recommended to take together in the morning? of course I will see my doc in about 3 weeks and discuss but I think the drug is new to her as well…possibly better results for me if I start one single dose???

  • Ark Angel

    Do you know the real drug name for “Focalin” is? Dexmethylphenidate. …See that word, “Meth”? That’s pretty much what this is laced with. They give children a controlled version of METH via this medication. My mother had schizophrenia, and to my family taking mind altering drugs was normal. They were so worried about ME, they believed “doctors” that claimed I had ADD. (I didn’t)

    I took 10 mg every day for 4 years. It gave me energy, improved my mood, and I lost a whole lot of weight in a year. I was also eccentric, had little disregard for other people’s feelings, and slap happy obsessed with Michael Jackson. I accidentally took 20 mg at once and my heart rate was very high and I acted like I was stoned at school. Oh, and I also stopped growing prematurely, but no one believes me when I say it’s because of this medication.

    I remember I forgot to take my “medicine” one day and my withdrawl kicked in like a punch in the face. For some reason something was preventing me from writing on a piece of paper. I can’t explain it, but I tried very very hard, but couldn’t. I had to go home. Energy completely zapped out of me. Other days I could barely render the strength to walk up stairs.

    I decided to quit taking the meth-laced “ADD” medicine back in 2009 and gained all my weight back along with crazy depression. I blame this drug’s lingering side effects I’m probably going to have the rest of my life. There are moments where I beat myself up because I feel like I’m slightly brain damaged. (I am a fully functioning adult working 2 jobs, married, and have a child of my own. My life is great right now.) I don’t feel I’m as sharp as I could be because of this stupid “medicine”.

    Just… Don’t give anyone this. Bothers me my brother gives this to his 8 year old.