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Report a Bad Drug

In an ideal world, every possible risk associated with a medication should be known to us when we swallow that first pill, or apply that first dab of an ointment.  Unfortunately this is not always the case. This can either be due to an under-estimation of the consequences, or a simple lack of information.  It seems that as soon as the fan-fare surrounding the launch of some new drugs settles, reports of previously overlooked or completely undocumented side-effects come flooding in.

Bad Drug Lawsuits

Drugs that were supposed to quell out-of-control appetites and in turn aid in the management of diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity were later found to cause heart problems and other serious complications. Medications that we hailed as a cure for depression and anxiety were reported, with the aid of people like you, to be the cause of serious and possibly life-threatening chemical imbalances. And, partly due to patient and physician reporting of the underestimated or unforeseen adverse reactions of these drugs, new warnings were issued or these medications were taken off of the shelves completely.

Others who are or may be taking the same drugs that you have been prescribed need to be informed of negative experiences or adverse reactions that you’ve had to these medications. Please, if you or a loved one has suffered an adverse reaction to a prescription medication, fill out our Report A Bad Drug form. Doing so will help to educate those patients who may not be informed of a possibly negative, or life-threatening reaction.