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Metformin Side Effects

  • shakiness
  • dizziness or lightheadedness
  • sweating
  • nervousness or irritability
  • sudden changes in behavior or mood
  • headache
  • numbness or tingling around the mouth
  • weakness
  • pale skin
  • hunger
  • clumsy or jerky movements
If hypoglycemia is left untreated, severe symptoms may develop:
  • confusion
  • seizures
  • loss of consciousness
Call your doctor immediately if you have any of the following symptoms of hyperglycemia or high blood sugar:
  • extreme thirst
  • frequent urination
  • extreme hunger
  • weakness
  • blurred vision
If high blood sugar is not treated, a serious, life-threatening condition called diabetic ketoacidosis could develop. Call your doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms:
  • dry mouth
  • nausea and vomiting
  • shortness of breath
  • breath that smells fruity
  • decreased consciousness
Metformin may cause other side effects:
  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • stomach pain
  • gas
  • constipation
  • unpleasant metallic taste in mouth
  • heartburn
  • headache
  • sneezing
  • cough
  • runny nose
  • flushing of the skin
  • nail changes
  • muscle pain
Some side effects can be serious:
  • chest pain
  • rash
  • Gloria Watkins

    Why are “Sulfanomides” included in so many of todays medicines when so many of us are “high allergic” to Sulfur?

    • I don’t know, but Metformin is not a Sulfanomide. It primarily has Nitrogen and Hydrogen in its chain. Nevertheless, it should probably be prescribed only for diabetics except for the studies to determine if it lengthens life. But no matter which of those uses it is put to (and those are the ONLY uses I know of for Metformin) you need to monitor for the development of Lactic Acidosis which can be fatal. But even for it, the counts are lower for it than other drugs in the same class that Metformin is in. But if you have problems with Metformin you will have to use something else. Most of the other diabetic treatment drugs in other classes don’t have as high of incidence of gastrointestinal problems as Metformin has. If you have any of the symptoms listed above with Metformin contact your health care provider immediately.

  • protect honor

    These drugs need to be taken off of the shelf and need to be stopped being advertised on the Television. If there is harm and Metformin and other diabetes drugs do tremendous harm: they actually make people gain more weight and cause diabetes to become worse. All doctors take the Hippocratic Oath: do no harm, and don’t ever be talked into doing harm. So what is the deal? Why are doctors talking people into doing harm to their bodies?

    • Metformin is not advertised on television. It should not be taken by people with hypoglycemia because it is supposed to be used by hyperglycemics with Type 2 diabetics. Although iMetformin can be used to help Type 1 diabetics, most Type 1 diabetics also need insulin because their Pancreas doesn’t secrete enough insulin.

      Hmm, My weight has dropped 25 pounds while using the drug Metformin. It didn’t do all of it because I also modified my diet, exercise regularly, and finally stopped killing myself to help make people’s computers safer. Instead of working hard on the malware I just throw a lot of it away now and get my 8-10 hours of sleep per day. All of these things help. Although I am not strictly a diabetic, I have found that even potatoes can cause me to gain weight. I have learned to avoid sugary foods. But I have not drank sugar / Fructose flavored sodas for over 15 years and only drank them then very infrequently. I am even careful to limit how much milk I will drink because it contains a sugar named Lactose. Sugar is the enemy not only for diabetics but other people like me as well unless it is naturally occuring in form. Even then be careful to not get too much of it.

      If your doctor prescribes Metformin to you and you are a diabetic I advise you take it unless you have any of the side effects above. In that case, talk to your doctor and see if you can work out something that helps because Diabetes can kill you! Even the first person to walk across the river below Niagara Falls on a tight-rope who was in excellent condition when he was young died from Diabetes later in life.

  • Taylor

    Metformin damaged my kidneys. I’ve never had kidney problems before taking this nor do I have diabetes. I was prescribed this because my blood sugar and metabolism needed stabilzed.

    • That is an incorrect use for Metformin. Not only that but it wasn’t monitored properly to discover whether you were developing Lactic Acidosis. See the Wiki link I point to elsewhere here. You need to understand that your blood sugar isn’t steady state anyway. After a soda flavored with either sugar or fructose from corn you will have a fairly high spike in your blood sugar level. When I come back from a hard bicycle ride my blood sugar can be quite low. You don’t need a prescription to purchase a blood glucose measuring device so I have my own along with my own Sphygmomanometer to measure my blood sugar and blood pressure. I use the Advocate Redi-Code because the test strips are the least expensive and work just as well as the industry standard from Abbot Labs or the exhorbitantly expensive Freestyle Freedom-Lite test strips. I am monitoring for performance.

      If you want something to stabilize your blood sugar, cooked cracked wheat cereal goes down like a ton of bricks and stays there providing a steady trickle of sustained power all day long with only a low initial spike. It is even better than rolled oats. But rolled oats are better than quick oats. Do you get the idea? The closer you are to natural food the better off you are. Vegetables aren’t even counted for your carb counts for diabetics. Corn is not a vegetable! It is a grain, albeit one with higher carbs and almost no gluten. In case you are wondering, gluten is the protein in grains that that complements the proteins from legumes that can give you a balanced protein source from plants rather than animals.

  • Randy Sanders

    A vast majority of synthetic “medications” produced by todays pharmaceutical companies,and prescribed by doctors are dangerous,some to the point of producing death in patients so often,that commercials for medicines on tv now have verbal disclaimers stating they can cause death. If anyone opened up a physicians desk reference (PDR) and read it, you’d never want to take any synthetic drug ever again. Most doctors now tell their patients, “The benefits outweigh the risks”,so that patients will accept the meds given them…no matter what a warning label may say.

  • Tim

    I had sharp pain in my left side rib cage which restricted my ability to breath. The next day I had a large buildup of fluid in my left elbow and it’s still there.

    • Metformin shouldn’t cause that. If you are diabetic it is possible that an injury could cause your problem but it sounds more like a blood clot is moving through your cardiovascular system or maybe some infection is traveling through your lymph system. Seek somebody with medical expertise immediately. There are just too many things it can be. You may need a cholesterol fighting drug like Lovastatin or Pravastatin (the generic drugs). But the only way you can discover that is with a good blood test. That is just a start. Even cancer cells can spread quite rapidly. The sooner you find out what the problem is, the less problems you will have.

  • Constitution First

    I was Prescribed metformin for appetite control, it doesn’t work for that.
    Unless you call being so sick you don’t want to eat and persistent diarrhea.

    • The doctor that prescribed Metformin for you needs some education. Metformin has no appetite suppression control. It works strictly by helping to lower your blood sugar level. If your blood sugar level is in a normal range of A1C 4.5% to 6% with a healthy diet and even a few desert treats, then it is possible that Metformin could actually make you hypoglycemic (a blood sugar level that is too low). When your sugar level goes too low that causes you to even be more hungry, not less. Do you see what I mean by Metformin won’t help you suppress your appetite?

      Just eating smaller food portions and then doing something else right after eating is what you need. It takes time for the digestion to make sugar available to your body so you end up eating more than you need because your body is telling you that need energy when in fact you probably have enough but just not instantly. It takes time to get it.

      Unless you are allergic to gluten (the protein that is in wheat and some other grains but not in corn), a breakfast of cooked cracked wheat with milk on it in the morning will last almost all day long. If you are Lactose intolerant, then use Soy milk or Almond Milk instead. The whole grain has organic Chromium in it that is a GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor). What that does is spread the starch to sugar conversion throughout the day which will keep you satiated longer.

      The more refined the sugar is, the faster it goes through your system. Artificially sweetened foods will cause you to have massive blood sugar level swings from low to high. The closer to nature you get the better off you will be. If you want fruit juice, get a juicer and juice fresh fruits rather than buying fruit in a can which usually has added sugar anyway.