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QNASL Side Effects

Serious Side Effects of QNASL

  • development of persistent nasal soresQnasl spray bottle
  • continuous or serious nose bleed
  • difficulty breathing, hoarseness or wheezing
  • changes in vision such as blurry vision, eye irritation or pain and seeing halos when looking at lights
  • flu-like symptoms such as a fever, chills or coldness and aching of the body
  • rash, hives, swelling of the tongue, throat, mouth, eyes or face, and trouble breathing which are signs of a serious allergic reaction

Common Side Effects of QNASL

  • upset stomach or feeling nauseous
  • feeling faint
  • sneezing, congested or runny nose
  • minor rash or itchiness
  • sores (often in white patches) in or around your nostrils
  • headache
  • irritation, redness or dryness in the nose or throat
  • unpleasant tastes or smells after spraying QNASL
  • Having a history of sinus infections and only having moderate success with Flonase and Nasonex, my Doctor decided to try Qnasl as part of a plan of attack to help me shake a long term sinus infection. What a wonderful product! Where the liquids would either run down my throat right through my sinuses if they were even slightly open, or just run out my nose and do nothing, the powdered Qnasl seems to stay where it is needed- in my sinuses. It DOES burn slightly, but this passes after 20 seconds or so, and while my sinuses aren’t 100% yet, it works far better than anything else I’ve tried.

    • SerenityJ

      Yes, my doc just prescribed this too me as well. I LOOOOVE IT! Like I wish more nasal sprays came in this form. No dripping, no snorting, or back nasal drip. And it cleared me right on up.

  • OhTurd

    This shit sucks. I can’t even sleep because it feels like my throat is closing in. It makes my mind think
    I’m not breathing so I gasp for air. My body aches even more. I’m never going to use this crappy stuff ever again!!! Sticking with Allegra.

    • Dan

      Everybody’s different. Different body chemistry and different causes of sinus trouble. If this stuff doesn’t work for you, them simply don’t use it. We appreciate you sharing your experiences so we are aware of potential side effects, but there’s no reason to be rude about it. Qnasl works great for me, and I can now breathe through both nostrils at the same time for the first time in my life. Haven’t gotten a single sinus infection since I’ve started using it and based on my typical seasonal cycle, I should have had 2 or 3 by now.

      • adam

        Good stuff no more nasal pain i have extreme allergies. If this stuff works its legit..

        • Professor

          I have Extreme year round allergies… and v this stuff doesn’t work and it’s not legit

  • Unstuffed

    Flonase, nasonex, and veramist did not work for me, qnasl does, but why is it sonexpensive?

    • ticklynoze

      do a google search for a coupon you should only be paying $15.

  • Looking For Encouragement

    I just started using this product a few days ago. I have not seen immediate results, but I am encouraged by the comments thus far. Does anyone know if there is a period of time for effectiveness? Or would I be better off using both the allergy eye drops along with Qnasl?

    I have severe allergies and cannot take antihistimines. My allergies are year round without a break although lighter in the spring pollen season.
    Any advice?

  • Maui mommy

    I love this product! All other inhalants just dripped down the back of my throat or leaked out of my nose. My ENT gave me a sample to try and I absolutely am pleased with the results. I live on Maui so between the tropical plants, occasional bog and lovely trade winds that carry everything in the air, I was so dependent on both OTC and Rx meds I got sick of it!! The qnasal has truly helped with my constant inflamed sinus.

  • Restful Sleep

    So far so good. I noticed immediate and significant reduction in the flood of post-nasal drip that was causing severe coughing. I am sleeping through the night now, where before I would awake w/the feeling i was drowning and have to sit up to cough myself silly. With insurance it costs me a $1 a day. That’s not cheap but it’s worth it to me.

  • saline

    got halos, floaters, pain, swelling in my eyes….also got a strange rash on my shoulder….frightful side effects. even though it worked.
    this is going in the trash.

  • Missy

    I have extreme allergies and I have sinus infections about 5 times a month I went to urgent care cause my breathing was getting bad I have a pollen that gives me asthma like symptoms. I have had an allergy test done yes so I know its severe I reacted to even all the minor pollen and mite in the 18 needles shoved in my arm. Anyways I also had swollen eyes when I went in. My throat closes up and my nose would run all night I tried zyrtec than I was prescribed that didn’t even work clartin D doesn’t worked unless combined with a nose spray. Not too happy that my allergy doctor didn’t help me except suggest shots once a week for the first 8 monthes than once two weeks than once a month … I don’t have the commitment to take the time out of my life for my allergies. Anyways back to what I was saying they gave me qnasl at the urgent care 2 in each nose for the day used it when I left litterly 5 minutes later I could breath and my eyes oh my eyes stopped watering was another problem my eyes would water all day to where it looked like I was crying all day. Damn lady wont prescribe this to me. I love the stuff. So now im in a mild state of misery with flonase and zyrtec that suck… and you can stand up and tilt your head over so it doens’t run down your throat but doesn’t matter can’t get past my congestion to even do that ….. I love SUMMER.

  • MysticBlue

    I started using Qnasl last summer for chronic (year round) allergic rhinitis. I had been using Rhinacort Aqua for years, but the cost of it monthly was getting to be a burden. I asked my allergist and he recommended trying Qnasl. It worked as good as Rhinacort and they offer a coupon on the website to offset my co-pay, so it was a no-brainer to keep on it.

    Back in October I started having a nose bleed that wouldn’t go away. First ENT sent me away ad said it wasn’t anything. 2nd ENT in Feb said it might be something to worry about. After several biopsies and lots of blood tests (and a few other specialists visits) we discovered that it was this medicine.

    We came to this after the ENT and I were brainstorming after the result of the last biopsy showed nothing ‘remarkable’. In the conversation I mentioned again when I started this medication and at the same time the light-bulb went off over our heads. I went back and re-read the presciption information (you know, that paper that is in every box that everyone just glances at and throws away..LoL) and sure enough Nasal ulcers and Nasal perforations are a known, but rare, side effect.

    I stopped taking the Qnasl and in a couple of weeks the sore started to heal.

    • boris

      It must have affected your mental reasoning ability because wouldn’t that have been your first thought? Gee, I’m taking a nasal drug and I have nasal problems.

  • Lynn

    The new nurse at my son’s allergist just gave us a sample, but isn’t this a steroid that can cause growth-stunting? Think it’s probably too new to chance it. Going to the pediatrician on Monday.

  • maddyg2011

    I have had non-allergic rhinitis for the past 10 years that caused inflammation in my nasal cavity. I ended up developing adult-onset asthma. I have been to allergist, had sinus surgery and seen countless ENT specialist. My biggest complaint was the loss of smell. They could not find anything I was allergic to and were perplexed why my immune system was causing such havoc in my sinuses. The only thing they could prescribed that worked was prednisone. However, the minute I stopped the medication the inflammation, congestion and loss of smell returned. This time was different. I went on one more round of prednisone and was prescribed Qnasl . It has now been three weeks since I finished taking the prednisone. I still have my sense of smell and congestion is gone. I am very thankful for this drug.

    • s

      wow, sounds like I could have written this! I’ve had surgery, countless nasal sprays, no allergies, and also have non-allergic rhinitis, I can never breathe out of one side of my nose due to chronic congestion! I’m so glad to hear this has helped you and hoping it does for me too after 20 years + of not being able to breath. Best of luck!

    • Tj Morgan

      I would love to touch base with you if you are still on this board.. you issues are spot on with mine. I am still trying to figure out the cause

      • Maddyg2013

        Qnasyl Helped until the predisone wore off. After that I cannot smell…unfortunately only predisone works.


    Qnasl along with Ipratropium Bromide have worked wonderfully together. Nasal drip and congestion is all gone.

  • Katy

    I started using Qnasl and delt sick to my stomach every day after use and also had terrible headaches. My Allergist says this was the first he head heard of this from a patient even though these are listed as side effects. I would almost rather have a stuffy nose every day then feel sick with headaches….Everyone is different but this did not work for me…

  • Melissa

    I had nasal surgery to correct my septum since I was having daily nosebleeds. Within a couple of days of starting the Q-Nasal I felt like I could not swallow. I would litterally feel like I was choking or like my throat forgot how to swallow. I stopped taking it after only three days and after a few days off the medicine I am swallowing fine. Weird.

  • Jenny

    I’m on my second day of this stuff. It does burn like fire (why anyone would do recreational drugs up the nose is beyond me) but it works. I’ve just had enough of sneezing all day long, every single day and not sleeping because my nasal passages are swollen due to common allergies. Here is what is awsome though. No throat drip, no headaches, NO SNEEZING and when I slept last night I could breathe. Kudos to my allergist. Down with the Nurse Practitioner that I’ve wasted my time and money on for the past several years. This stuff works. It burns but it only lasts a few seconds and it is so so worth it.

    • neoconman

      If you are not already doing this, tilt the applicator so the aerosol hits the outside of your nostril, not your septum. This should reduce the burn and chance of a bloody nose. This is the only med I have found that takes out my allergy related sinus headaches.


    This is the best drug on the market for an allergic nose. try it and you will like it

  • Professor

    I used this for a week, my nose stayed running all day and I got flu like symptoms, basically it felt like taken nothing at all. I switched back to flonase. Atleast it stopped my nose from running 24/7

  • JohnH

    I’ve now had 2 containers run out of propellant with 40 doses left. At $80 per container, not happy. The pharmacy refunded 1 container, so I’m financially OK, just wanted to let people know. The particular lot for this one was 140265, expires 7/2016.

    • Cathy

      I have had the same problem and also I notice when I get to the last 20 to 30 does they seem less forceful when I push the button. I feel like I get less medication as the device get closer to the end of the doses in the container. My congestion is worse during that period as well.

  • Jason Ostrowski

    I’m using Qnasl for different reasons. I have been using Afrin (oxymetazoline) everyday for almost 10 years now and every time I try to stop using Afrin, my sinuses swell severely and trigger a migraine. I was spraying Afrin every 2-3 hours including waking up multiple times in a night! I have been using Qnasl for a month now and it seemed to take about a week to start working but I have cut down my Afrin use by 50% and I sleep through the night without waking up to spray; That alone is a God sent!!!!! My current dosage is 1 spray per nostril in the AM and 2 at night but I will be cutting it to 1 per in the AM and 1 per at night in another week or 2…. Hopefully, soon, it will go down to the one spray per nostril per day then eventually nothing. Qnasl get’s 5 out 5 stars in my book and I tried Flonase, Nasonex and Beconase without the same result so I can recommend Qnasl 100% without any hesitation!!!!

  • Tressa

    With out this drug my asthmatic child would be seriously ill on a regular basis. My child has serious allergies to mold and pollen she often develops sinus infections which develop into upper respiratory infections which then compromise her breathing. Nothing has ever worked to prevent this cycle of events. A few years ago we put her on Qsnal and it was a miracle. The 2 times either her father or her pediatrician have tried to take her off of it she was severely ill almost to the point of needing to be hospitalized. Qnsal 40 has giving my daughter back her life. There are no more consistent sinus infections due to her allergies.

  • Holly Cramer

    I stopped using this after about 2-years and having issues with my body. Can’t find any information on when you stop using Qnasl and side effects!

  • Holly Cramer

    Has anybody has stomach problems on this medicine?

  • Nosebleed

    Ive tried nasal twice the first time i used it i had terrible nosebleeds. and stopped. about a year later tried again for a week and same thing. warning to anyone else do not ignore nosebleeds this was bright red bleeding which means there are ulcers forming