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Yaz and Yasmin Continues in 2014

Even though manufacturer of Yaz and Yazmin, Bayer AG has paid over $150 million dollars to settle lawsuits, the contraceptive drug will continue to be prescribed in 2014. Lawsuits against Bayer AG allege that the birth control pills caused pulmonary embolisms and blood clots which can be fatal.

The latest court records show 9,826 Yaz claims were pending as of December 16, 2013 according to Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation. Regardless of the high amount of proven cases, the government still has not put a stop to the distribution of the bad drug. The average settlement in each case is approximately $218,000, a Bayer AG stockholders newsletter stated in the April 2012 issue.

Although the German-based drug manufacturer settled certain lawsuits, the company has not said it has done anything wrong.

“Based on a thorough assessment of the available scientific data, Bayer believes that its drospirenone-containing products are safe and effective and have a favorable benefit-risk profile when used in accordance with U.S. product labeling,” Bayer spokeswoman Rose Talarico said in an ABC News report.

The only change 2014 will see in Yaz is an updated warning label. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has directed Bayer AG to change the labels on Yaz and Yasmin to include stronger warnings regarding the potential risk for blood clots.

The birth control drug is not only prescribed as a contraceptive. Doctors will prescribe the drug to females to treat severe acne. Although sales have dropped somewhat after recent publicity regarding allegations of potential blood clotting problems, the drugs still are widely prescribed and used by millions of women.

Sadly, Yaz and Yasmin has been the cause of several strokes and even deaths in some cases. Anyone who has suffered a pulmonary embolisms, blood clot, DVT or stroke is urged to contact an experienced attorney.

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