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Cefzil Side Effects

250 mg tablet of Cefzil

Severe Side Effects of Cefzil

  • Cefzil may cause severe diarrhea and colitis due to clostridium difficile bacteria.
  • Severe allergic reactions from Cefzil may cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome and other serious rashes.  Cefzil may also cause anaphylaxis.
  • Cefzil has caused  jaundice in some patients.

Common Side Effects of Cefzil

  • Typical gastrointestinal side effects of Cefzil include upset stomach, vomiting, stomach pains and cramps, and loose stools.
  • Cefzil may cause a rash in some patients including  diaper rash, hives, vaginal itching, and vaginitis.
  • Other side effects include headache, nervousness, confused state, and insomnia.