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Foradil Side Effects

foradil aerolizer

Serious Side Effects

  • Cardiovascular side effects such as chest pain, fast or pounding heartbeats
  • Endocrine side effects such as high blood sugar
  • Nervous system side effects such as  restlessness or tremors
  • Respiratory side effects such as wheezing, choking or other breathing problems
  • Other side effects include increased thirst or hunger, urinating more than usual
  • Worsening asthma symptoms

Common Side Effects

  • Gastrointestinal side effects such as dry mouth
  • Metabolic side effects such as decreased potassium levels in the blood
  • Nervous system side effects such as dizziness, anxiety, headache, sleep problems (insomnia)
  • Musculoskeletal side effects such as back pain and muscle cramps
  • General side effects such as sore throat, cough, stuffy nose or changes in voice
  • Epidermal side effects such as skin rash, itching