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Gilenya Side Effects

Serious Side Effects of Gilenya

  • pain in chest or Gilenya capsule packagedecrease in heart rate
  • trouble breathing or feeling short of breath
  • feeling extremely drowsy or dizzy
  • faintness and passing out
  • flu-like symptoms or signs of an infection such as soreness of the throat, fever, chills and coughing
  • eye discomfort or pain; vision changes such as blurred vision, change in color perception, seeing spots or loss of vision
  • unusual sensitivity to light
  • upset stomach, abdominal pain, nauseousness or throwing up, jaundice (yellowing of the sin or eyes) and dark urine which may be signs of liver damage
  • hives, rash, swelling of the mouth, tongue, throat, or face and difficulty breathing indicate an allergic reaction

Common Side Effects of Gilenya

  • Unexplained headache or head pain.
  • Loss of strength or back pain.
  • Changes in mood or mentality, which make include feelings of depression.
  • Numbness, burning, or tingling sensations in the extremities, especially the hands and feet.
  • Dry, itchy, or peeling skin.
  • Alopecia, or hair loss.