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Spiriva Side Effects

spiriva handihalerSerious Side Effects of Spiriva

  • aching or pain of the chest, rapid heart beat
  • changes in vision, blurry vision, appearance of halos around lights, change in color perception, or eye pains or redness
  • new infection: soreness of the throat, fever, or feeling cold or having chills
  • sinus infection or headaches
  • trouble urinating or pain while urinating
  • swollen hands, lower parts of the legs, ankles or feet
  • symptoms of a serious allergic reaction: red or itchy skin, hives, trouble breathing, hoarseness, swelling of the mouth, tongue, throat, lips, eyes or face

Common Side Effects of Spiriva

  • dryness of the mouth or mouth sores (white patches)
  • indigestion (heartburn)
  • bowel problems including constipation
  • upset stomach, pains in the stomach and vomiting
  • muscle aching or pain
  • abnormal bleeding such as nosebleeds
  • allergy symptoms such as a runny nose and sneezing