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MultiHance Side Effects

One Injectable bottle of MultiHance.

Severe Side Effects of MultiHance

  • MultiHance may cause acute kidney failure in some patients.  
  • Cardiac Arrythmia has been reported by some patients who received MultiHance.  This may be potentially fatal depending on the circumstance.  Multihance may cause first degree atrioventricular block which may lead to heart failure.
  • MultiHance may cause severe anaphylactic shock or other allergic reactions.  It may also cause an allergic reaction at the injection site as well as possible necrosis around the surrounding area.

Common Side Effects of MultiHance

  • The most common side effects reported include upset stomach and vomiting, loose stools, burning around the injection site, headache, and dizzy spells.
  • Other side effects include sneezing, stuff nose, rash, swelling, elevated basophil levels in blood, and numbness or tingling in the skin.